About Me

My name is Rachel and this is my fashion blog. It's a work in progress so please bear with me.

Basically I just love fashion, particularly accessories and wanted to show off the things I love as well as to promote the gorgeous City I live in (Bath, UK).

We have some great clothing stores in Bath. Most of the High Street names and many independent clothing retailers too.

If you like nothing more than a bit of retail therapy then why not pay our beautiful City a visit. Right that's it I promise, no more shameless advertising!

I love to shop for fashion online and have listed lots of my favourite stores throughout this website. I hope you find the information here useful but if you have any great ideas or stores you would like to mention then please do leave a comment with a link.

I work as a marketing consultant and designer. Part of the week from home and the other from an office just outside of Bath.

Oh and I am also a fully qualified beauty therapist, reflexologist and  hairdresser.
I still work as a reflexologist (when I have the time!) I have some private clients and still do it because I love it. I truly believe in the benefits of reflexology as an aid to healing as well as fertility. It's more of a passion than a job which is why I manage to fit it into my schedule, busy as it already is!


Some photos of me with my friends and family. My husband will kill me, sorry Jeremy!

New York last year with my son Harry. What a fab holiday. We did four days then on to Oklahoma, finished off with a week in Florida.

My friend Leyla's fancy dress party in August, what a hoot!

 Here we are looking a bit more like ourselves!