Skin Care

Well we all have differing ideas on what makes a good beauty regime, but here are a few tips...

Deep cleansing and moisturising - Once a week

Start by removing your makeup with a mild cleanser. Follow this by mixing some soft brown sugar, olive oil or baby oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Use this to exfoliate your face and neck. Don't rub too hard as you don't want to break any blood vessels.
Rinse thoroughly in warm water.

 I like to relax in the bath and apply some olive oil to my skin. I try to leave it on for around 5-10 minutes with a warm flannel over the top for at least 2 minutes.

Next apply a deep cleansing face mask (I find a mud mask works best for me) Leave to go dry then rinse in warm water.

Next apply a rich moisturising cream. I love Nivea, it's cheap and is the best product I have found for my skin.

There, all done!

This is what works for me. I don't guarantee it will work in the same way for everyone as all skin types vary.
My skin tends to become quite dry if I don't use this routine at least once a week.

Top Tip

To stave off wrinkles around the eyes or (if you already have them) help the appearance try dabbing a small amount of vaseline under the eye and up to the corners. It works wonders, honest and it's dirt cheap too!