Ladies Handbag Styles

The womens bag, how could we do without it. With so many styles to choose from, which to go for. Well most of us own more than one, generally we have at least one favourite that we use most of the time but you can pretty much guarantee that doesn't stop us buying more!

Did you know that the shoulder bag is the most popular bag choice for women on the go due to the easy access. This makes sense to us!

It is said that 22% of women would love a designer bag if they could choose just one designer item.

A handbag for a woman is a reflection of her personality but also it has to be functional, with plenty of room for all those little essentials. - A website packed full of gorgeous on trend bags run by people who just love quality handbags! Recommended by The good Web Guide. Their extensive range includes designs by Charlotte, Reid, Dents, Barbara Milano, Blankflow and Waterlily. If you love your womens bags then take a look.

Waterlily Paige - Large leather shoulder bag (Emotional Baggage) - The Hawes and Curtis bag collection includes a stunning collection of modern ladies bags made from the finest materials and each with luxurious leather detailing.

Check out this fabulous boho bag which comes in 3 colours from 

Just the right size and so stylish!

Another great find - Gorgeous soft vintage style leather drawstring bag from Topshop I absolutely love this bag to bits! It looks authentically vintage.