Womens Waist Shape Advice

What kind of belt will suit your body shape? Check out our helpful waist shape advice if you are unsure of which belt to go for.


If you have a larger chest as well as fuller hips your shape may be described as the hourglass, the hourglass body can carry most styles, but perhaps the most flattering is the nipped waist or a wide tummy hugging style.


If you are round in shape and carry most of your weight around your middle you may want to avoid belts that accentuate the waist line. Why not go for a very wide belt that will hold your tummy in whilst giving you added shape not to mention comfort!


If you are very slender in shape (straight up and down) a wide belt will look great on your frame. Worn simply with a vest top or jersey dress looks best. A very wide belt will maximise your waistline creating the illusion of curves.

Plus size ladies

The plus size figure or voluptuous as we prefer to call it would benefit from a figure hugging wide belt. Smaller breasted women with a curvier figure will look great in a narrow high waisted belt.

Size conversion chart

Check out this very useful waist size conversion chart. It gives an accurate calculation so that you can clearly see exactly which waist size you are. You can see that from a UK waist size you need to go down 2 whole sizes to get your US waist size. A lot of people assume that there is only one size between the UK and the US but this is not the case. This chart is helpful in preventing exchange requests.