Shopping For A Bargain

Charity Shops

If you have the time and of course the inclination charity shops can be a great way of picking up some wonderful bargains.

Depending on the area it is actually possible to pick up some designer items at a mere fraction of the cost.

Particularly in Bath where I live there are some fantastic charity shops. There are a lot of shall we say 'well off people' in Bath and rather than sell their cast offs they tend to donate them to charity shops.

In the town centre in particular some of the items for sale are simply divine! Most charity shops have gotten wise to the designer labels now and whereas once upon a time you could pick up a designer label garment for pence now you will have to pay a little more.

In fact I think they actually go through the bags looking for designer gear knowing they can charge a little more. But that's fair enough it's all for charity at the end of the day and it's sooo much cheaper than buying it from a High Street designer store.

All charity shops these days will wash and iron donations before hanging them on the rails so you can be assured of getting a clean garment.

Hold garments up to the light to double check their condition. Check that all fastenings are intact (no missing buttons, zips etc)

Always try on if you can. Don't feel you can't as it's not a High Street store. There is always a changing room available.

Most if not all charity shops will offer a refund policy so keep the receipt f you don't have the time to try before you buy.

Best of all if you are on a limited budget you can pick up some High Street named products for pennies at times. You really could re-stock your wardrobe if you do the rounds.

I do try and visit my local charity shop at least once a month. The turnover of goods is pretty rapid so there are always lots of new items in. I generally check out the jeans first as I often manage to find some from River Island or Top shop (bonus!)
I agree with myself before hand how much I am allowed to spend and generally don't allow myself anymore than £10. That is of course unless I find a designer item going for a song!

I have in the past found a gorgeous 'Bridge' handbag which I bought for 50p and sold on for £46!!

Above all don't be tempted to buy in bulk just because it's cheap as I pretty much guarantee you'll end up not ever wearing half of it. It is tempting but it's like shopping in Primark, it'll end up in the wardrobe until you pass it on to a charity shop or sell it on ebay!