Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Victoria Beckham Fashion Icon

Get ready for the launch of Victoria Beckhams online collection. It's due for launch Spring 2013...

Victoria's style is very classic here. The long military coat is a great addition to this jeans and top combo with the added bonus of gorgeous kitten heels.

I found this beautiful knee length coat at LaRedoute

Victoria tells Elle Magazine 'I don't need to work, I want to work'. Victoria Beckham insists that she hasn't had it easy when it comes to her fashion label's success. She has had to work as hard as any up and coming designer in the industry. Just because she has lots of celeb friends it doesn't mean she was automatically accepted as a designer. Indeed she obviously has a passion for her craft and is involved in every aspect of the process from the initial design right through to production, she certainly doesn't rest on her laurels and the success she has had is well deserved in my opinion.

I'm not the biggest VB fan but I can see that she has worked hard for the success she has achieved and hard work goes a long way!